Monday, April 16, 2012

Tips on Living a Raw Food Lifestyle

Nicky’s Tips on Living a Raw Food Lifestyle

Raw Food is the ULITMATE nutrition plan. Why? You do not feel like you are on a diet when eating this way of life. Wildlife consume RAW food and have abundant of strength and energy and so can YOU!
  •    Enzymes in RAW food makes digestion so

much easier, so the body has more energy for
other functions like DETOXIFICATION. It is
recommended to detoxify and cleanse your
system at least 4-6 times pr year.

  •     Raw Food heals the body… research shows when

on a raw food diet, tumors have been known
to reduce in size, but when cooked food was
consumed the tumors would again begin to grow.

  •    If Raw food can heal, then it can obviously


  •     We need raw oils and fats in the diet to help

produce hormones and maintain a healthy
nervous system. Eat foods abundant in
Omega 3, 6, 9.

  •     Never cook Walnuts. Cooking omega 3 foods

turns their oil into harmful trans-fatty acids. The
same applies to oily fish which contain omega 3.
Always cook fish on very low heat.
  •    Give thanks to your food and thanking our

creator for the abundance that has been
  •    Most green vegetables contain some omega 3

as do walnuts and linseeds.
  •    Learn to eat a wide variety of food, mono diets

are not healthy and over dosing in one food will
eventually cause the body to suffer to some
  •     Learn to become intuitive with what your body

needs. Listen, be calm and ask yourself what
you really feel like. Pregnant women usually
develop strong desires for certain foods and
this is because the body is intuitively providing
the body and child with nutrients it needs.
  •    Follow the seasons, this helps you have a wide

variety of nutrients throughout the year and
optimal health. It ensures we do not overdose
on one food.
  •    Traditionally cooked foods that can be RAW

eg: Beetroot, pumpkin and even sweet potatoes
can be shredded and eaten raw if mixed with a
suitable dressing such as lemon juice, vinegar,
herbs and a little olive oil.
  •    Most nuts can go rancid 4 months after shelling

unless refrigerated. The nuts found in our
supermarkets are usually rancid and not fit
for our consumption.
  •     Vegetarians and Raw Fooders who are largely

vegetarian will probably be low in Vitamin B12.
It has been estimated that 92% of vegetarians
are B12 deficient. Take a vitamin everyday that
includes B12 .
  •     Be creative with your food. Try new recipes

including raw food. The Sky is the limit when it
comes to Raw Live Food. Have fun and don’t
use time as an EXCUSE! This way of eating is
not only healthier it is quicker, easier and FUN!


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