Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conquer Fear

The reality of fear is it is part of every person's life. Fear is human. It exists in us all; in
every success story and it is part of growing. In fact if we look at the times we fear, 
often it can be a time we are propelled back to our creator. In this moment faith is drawn forward.
Fear can be channeled into a gift. It was instilled into us to keep you safe and lead you to
faith. When fear is faced we have two choices, to run or to embrace.
We were all born with fear of falling, fear of loud noises fear of abandonment and these
three inborn fears were intended for means of protection. However many of us use fear as
destruction rather than a gift.

Tips to overcome fear and cultivate faith

1. Recognize negative emotion when fear pops up. Be mindful of your thoughts.

2. What are your actions? Stay calm and connect with breath.

3. Practice affirmations. Take the fear and change it into a positive affirmation eg ' I have
lost my job and never get another one like it' Change to ' Even though I have lost my job, I
am open to a new job that offers me a golden opportunity'

4. Change your beliefs. Your belief system is the driving force behind your behaviors and
your results.

5. When you change your beliefs, it helps change your actions, to get better results.

6. React with intelligence rather than instincts. Most people react instinctively to their fear
by running from it, ignoring or sabotaging. Use the magnificence of the brain and react with
an intelligent mind.

Every small positive change we make repays us in confidence and cultivates faith to
diminish fear. Fear helps you grow.