Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Raw Food Chocolate

Easter my favorite time of the year!

 As a kid I loved chocolate, and all the fluff that came with it at Easter time. My childhood Easter memories still bring a smile to my face. Traditionally we would travel to the serene country town in Central Otago called Alexandra, NZ to  stay with my Auntie and Uncle. Mum traditionally gave us flannelet pj's and a one large cake of chocolate along with some marsh mellow eggs in all different colored foil wrap. We would receive our eggs on Sunday. I remember keeping the foils and smoothing them out neatly and saving them.

Waiting for Sunday was exciting. We always had a magical time at my auntie and uncles house.  Surrounded by mountains and rock it is beautiful tranquil country land.  On their  property was a big hill you could climb, in Australia you would call it a mountain. On the hill is a massive rock, which was named the 'Thinking Rock'. The rock was there anytime anyone needed time out to connect with ones self. In those days there were many cousins, second cousins, all the aunts and uncles, we were a big family. I gravitated to the rock frequently in my childhood years, the rock provided serenity and a time to feel grounded and connected to my spiritual self.  My brother and I spent hours up the hill trying to catch Easter bunny rabbits. It was and still is a time for my family back home to come together and just be!

Today the purpose of Easter has much greater meaning for me than waiting for chocolate! It is a time to connect with heart and mind. It is a time to be still, and quiet, connect with nature, family and appreciate all we have in our life today.

We all know the story of Jesus and the moment of 'resurrection' to rise or rise from the dead; bring or be brought back to life. 
I like  to see Easter  as a time to remember that moment where Jesus 'came alive' in our hearts and mind. This can be a  time to practice the teachings from Jesus, coming alive in hearts and minds. Maybe it  can be a time  to practice the teachings of heart and mind everyday and ' come alive' so we can find peace, harmony, joy, serenity and the meaning of life eternal and of immeasurable life, that life stands beyond time.

This is a time to rejoice in love and light, a time to be grateful, joyful, and spend family time connecting and appreciating one another with a compassionate and forgiving heart, what ever the past or present. It is a time to let go and 'come alive' together.

Since my journey of yoga and healthy eating began many years ago now, Easter is not about eating chocolate for me. I say no to chocolate and yes to healthy food, love and gratitude. This Easter why not make homemade healthy chocolates so you can give them away to your loved ones. You can receive much pleasure in the making and giving rather than the eating and binging!

Allow Easter  to represents Family togetherness with Love and Joy and 'come alive' in our hearts and mind.

Namaste Nicky xx

Here are my tips for a Raw Healthy Easter this year.

1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup LSA
6x fresh dates
1 tblsp Flax seed oil
1 tblsp  chia seeds
1 tblsp Agave 
3 tblsp Raw Cacao powder

Blend all ingredients in the processor until smooth
Roll into small  balls and put in cupcake patties, freeze

1 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tbsp agave
1 tbsp  raw cacao powder
1 tbsp cacao butter
melt in saucepan until runny

Pour carefully over truffles and return to freezer

Egg love hearts

Craft for the kids 

Make it fun and not always about the eating, but the creating and giving. Say no to buying artificial chocolates today... if you must buy chocolate search for healthy options like dark chocolate, raw vegan, no artificial or preservatives. 

The Thinking Rock... Alexandra, NZ