Monday, July 9, 2018

Farewell to food cravings


What is a craving?
Craving: a powerful desire for something

Today we are going to chat about beating food cravings.

Everyone has moments of vulnerability when they change something big in their life whether it be moving house, having a baby or giving up smoking. This is a part of the experience of being human.

It only natural that when you embark on a new exercise and wellness plan that there will be days when you crave your old favourite comfort food – pizza, ice-cream, muffins or hot chips on a cold winters day!

These are cravings and the reality is that the foods you crave are the very foods that will undermine your fitness goals of exercise and good nutrition. I believe strict and rigid diets and even calling it  DIET can make you crave the foods you are trying so hard at eliminating from your life. 

You can control your cravings – although this seems hard when you are in the middle of a craving session!! Consciously acknowledging and working through your cravings will make you stronger and more committed to fitness. Plus I promise you they wont last! In a few weeks your mind and body will be reprogrammed to crave beautiful real food that nourishes your body. 

It's about feeding your body nutrient dense food types and getting good quality sleep and a fitness program that suits your lifestyle. 

In the meantime here is a few simple ideas. 

Here are few suggestions as craving busters – however remember PORTION SIZES! Don’t over eat or all your hard work will be undermined!

Practice Yoga 
Plug into meditation music or a guided meditation
Go for a walk and listen to a podcast
Drink a big glass of warm water with lemon or make a herb tea
Do the ironing!!
Get busy in the garden – sweep the paths, rake the lawn – whatever it takes!!
Ring a friend for support
Do some simple yoga poses
Read a book or magazine
Look at your before photo for inspiration and strength 

Sweet cravings:
Fresh fruit – bananas – apples, kiwi fruit, watermelon, orange ,beetroot– blend into a smoothie
2 x medjool dates – good for digestion and blood pressure. Fresh not dried dates
Apple with nut butter – creamy and crunchy
1 x dried fig
LIquorice tea is great for a sweet craving
5 x raisins and 5 x macdamia nuts 

Savoury cravings:
Sunflower seeds baked or dehydrated with tamari sauce and sea salt 
5 – 10 natural almonds
5 – 10 tamari almonds – high in fibre and protein
roasted chickpeas. Drain a can of chickpeas and dry them. Then roast in oven with sea salt, olive oil and black pepper for 30 – 40 mins. Makes a great crunchy snack
spinach, celery, lemon, chia seeds, apple , carrot, ginger– blend into a smoothei 
Carb cravings:
grainy/wholemeal rye or gluten free home made toast with avocado  and sliced tomato, fresh basil leaves, cashew nut cream
oven baked sweet potato chips
oats –plus a scoop of vegan protein powder, mix with water, with ¼ banana and 5 x blueberries and honey. 
Cravings pass I promise!!

Continuing to support you on your fitness journey!

Nicky x