Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kiwi’s only- NZ All Black kick off 7th July.

This weekend’s kick off is Kiwi’s only- NZ All Black kick off 7th July.
Wow, it has been truly awesome and a pure JOY to speak with so many lovely down to earth Kiwi women over the past week of launching this one off special opportunity.
As many of you know I have been working on a Project, a case study who is my wonderful 
coaching client Leanne. We are in week 7 and she has already lost over 12kg and 45 cm all 
over, eating real food, and not feeling like she is on a diet.. YAY!
Over 7 weeks again now, Leanne reached out to me via Facebook...I think her message was a one liner like “Hey, do you do one on one consults, or help with nutrition? I really want to get on track and lose seem weight, I am so embarrassed.
I immediately set up a call to speak with Leanne, it was that first call, I just knew I had to help her one on one. From that day she has been a dream to work with, sometimes when I open her messages she almost brings a tear to my eye, of Joy and feeling so proud of her, especially the day she sent me al little video of her doing my gym training program, with such amazing body alignment and technique . I was like... hang on a minute this girl has done this before...! There is so much I could share of her already amazing transformation but Leanne is now sharing her journey in a daily snippet blog, you really should check it out.
Any change in life, doesn't come easy, it doesn't come with out planning, tools and help. And that my friends is exactly what I spend my time doing. Providing you a program with a plan, tools and helping you achieve your own greatness and success what ever your goal is.

This group is nearly booked up, and Leanne is keeping me very busy with all her Kiwi following, in which coming from Dunedin I am enjoying so much talking to the women of Dunedin and 
New Zealand. If you want to get some points on the board this winter and create some change, lifestyle change, this too can be you. Life is short, live your best life now, I say, get increased energy, 
radiate health and vitality from within so you can glow on the outside. Learn to look after you, as there is only one beautiful unique YOU in this world.

Contact me now to get your spot with the kiwi girls now. Just reply ‘Yes count me in” and I will be in touch asap..

More info
10 Week Body Transformation Winter Programe begins 7th July 2018
Have you thought about wanting to lose 5 to 10kg or more and just found it too
I have an answer to your dilemma!
I am a boutique fitness coach who designs an eating and exercise plan tailor made to your needs. Its not a diet but rather a 10 week transformation of body and lifestyle – I promise you will 
never be hungry and you will never look back.

How do you register your interest? By simply commenting ’yes I’m in’ and I will do the rest. A simple phone call and chat will get you started.

My 10 week Body Transformation Winter programe starts on the 7th July 2018

The point of difference for my training is that I am a boutique coach – if you need me I am 
at the end of the phone. I don’t take on mass clients as I believe the best way to help people is to 
give them personal feedback.

We have a great ‘Winter’ team who already have made the commitment to change their lives through changing their bodies!

Over the next 10 weeks I will be working with a small group to get them ready for their transformation into Spring. Start summer with the fitness you’ve always wanted.

The program:
A boutique but structured step by step 10 week program that makes it easy – you will know
what to do every step of the way’:
• A small group of motivated women who are willing to implement the changes, test 
them on their own body and report the results back to me.
• Each week we focus on one of the Key Strategies around health and fitness
• Weekly online meetings and a Private Facebook page allow the group to get together and give feedback. This allows me to formulate strategies that we put into action so you get the results you want.
• We will be using the data to inspire and help other women to make the commitment and head off on their own journey. If you are happy to share your work in a case study that would be even better!

The investment:
A small investment can get you on your way .

What do I need to do now?
In the comments section write ‘yes I’m in’ and I will book in a free no obligation chat.

I would love to work with you…. Talk soon
Nic x

We also just finished working together with Deb, amazing transformation also 8.2kg and 44.5 cm
See Deb at the top of this blog.

For more information message me or contact me via