Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bouncing Back

 The very sound of resilience captures its bouncy, rubbery quality. Resilience , the ability to
recover from change or misfortune.  Living a harmonious life requires resilience, and
becomes an essential ingredient for a pain free life.
Suffering and pain are intertwined and can seem impossible to separate the two. The bigger
the goal and dreams we have in our life often the bigger the obstacles.
We would like the path to be smooth sailing and easy, but the wind can change when least
expected. We need challenge and change to grow on our spiritual path. Kids screaming,
workmates stressed or a sudden change in a relationship can stir the fear and irritation in
your mind, but accessing a calm state of awareness and staying in the present moment with
grace, dignity and a compassionate heart will help you become resilient to the fear and

Qualities of resilient people

•  Flexibility
•  Insight
•  Empathy
•  Ability to be calm in a situation
•  Focus on the mind and aware of thoughts
•  Creativity
•  Compassion

On our path the difficulties can become our best teachers so pain and loss can be channeled
into profound and positive transformation.
Leaders like Nelson Mandela through years in prison displayed resilience without losing heart
and bounced back even stronger with an unlimited supply of compassion.
Practicing yoga and meditation can help align your body, undo the knots and purify a murky
mind so you can heal and become resilient. It is essential and without a basic supply of
resilience no one would survive the loss, transitions and heartbreaks that occur in our life.
By practicing resilience you can become to turn every challenging circumstance to your