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7 Foods that drain your energy

7 Foods that drain your energy

What you eat, is what you get! What you eat can have a major effect on your energy and vitality.

We all know white bread, white rice, flours, gluten, Wheat and sugar can play havoc on your body when eating it daily. 

Not only will it hold back of your weightloss goals but it can drain your energy, big time! Some people refer it to a "Food Coma" after eating these following food types. 

Keep nutrition simple and live. 
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 1. Pasta, white bread & rice
Grains are rich in carbs, which provide the body with a good source of energy. While coaching with me I educate you clearly on what exact carbohydrates are energy giving, low Glycemx, when to eat them and when not. 

2. Packaged Cereals, Yogurts and Other Foods With Added Sugars

Many foods on the market are loaded with added sugars, which, when consumed too frequently, can take a toll on your energy levels.

SUMMARYFoods containing high amounts of added sugars can zap your energy levels rather than boost them. They may also increase your cravings for other sugary foods, which can create a vicious, energy-draining cycle.

3. Coffee

When consumed in moderation, and at the right time of the day, coffee can have  positive physical and mental effects.

Too much caffeine can also negatively affect the quality of your sleep, which can reduce your energy levels over the long term

SUMMARYWhen consumed in moderation, coffee can boost energy levels and provide a slew of additional benefits. However, regularly relying on coffee to boost your energy levels, rather than on proper nutrition and sleep, can backfire over the long term.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol is known for its relaxing effect.
In fact, many people report that having a little alcohol with dinner or in the evening tends to help them fall asleep more easily. Although this may sound positive, it’s not necessarily so.

SUMMARYConsuming too much alcohol, especially around bedtime, may reduce the quality and duration of your sleep, likely causing you to feel more tired the next day.

5.Fried and Fast Foods

Fried and fast foods can also drain your energy, because they are generally high in fat and low in fiber, two factors that can slow down your digestion. Hence why you can feel heavy and sluggish after eating them 
Slower digestion can reduce the speed at which energy-boosting nutrients enter the body, delaying the increase in energy you might generally expect following a meal.

SUMMARYFried and fast foods are often low in nutrients, high in fat and low in fiber. They can slow down your digestion and displace energy-boosting nutrients from your diet, potentially draining your energy levels over the long term.

6.Low-Calorie Foods

When snack time rolls around, some people opt for low-calorie versions of their favorite foods, believing they’re the healthier choice.
However, including too many of these foods in your diet may lead you to eat an insufficient number of calories throughout the day, which can severely reduce your energy levels.
Calories are a unit of measurement used to estimate how much energy a food will provide your body once it is digested. Your body uses calories to sustain basic functions such as breathing, thinking and heartbeat.

7. Energy Drinks
Energy drinks can provide you with a short-term energy boost, but most on the market have hidden sugars and often up to 10 teaspoons. 
Consuming large quantities of added sugars can cause your energy to spike, then drop sharply, potentially causing you to feel more tired than you did before consuming the drink.
Moreover, as is the case with coffee, those who regularly consume energy drinks may build up a tolerance to the caffeine they contain. This means the drinker needs to consume increasingly larger amounts to experience the same energy-boosting effects

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