Thursday, February 22, 2018

Healthy Tips for Eating Out

EATING OUT this weekend? 

I have eaten  out at a lot of beautiful and amazing restaurants, however it is important you only do this once or twice while trying to change your lifestyle and health, and defiantly not all the time. 

There are things you must know to make eating out easy and not allow it to effect your results while on the program.

Here are my tips I do to staying on track.

✔️I order an entree rather than a main

✔️Order 2 small entrees for your meal. It could be a side of greens and a salad

✔️Choose gluten free, dairy free - especially when going to a wedding/event make sure you put your request in.

✔️Let the waiter know you are on a special gluten free plan and not allowed and dairy or gluten, this will keep you safe while eating out. 

✔️Ask for ALL  sauces on the side. That way you have control of what it is and how much you use.

✔️Opt for greens greens greens! The more green you eat while out the better.

✔️Order side Salads 

🤔Now dessert is tricky because not many offer the Raw desserts, so my tip is to order a camomile (or peppermint) tea with a side of honey. 

  • The herbal tea keeps you calm and released whole around friends eating their mud cakes, and cream. 
  • Choose the healthiest restaurant or cafe possible, if drinking try to add water in between or ask for hot water and lemon.
Lastly it is important to remember when eating out with fiends and family to relax and enjoy while being in control of the choices you make, if you happen to be challenged with less choice, then relax and enjoy and get RIGHT BACK ON TRACK THE NEXT MEAL OR NEXT DAY, I usually would do a greens juice and turmeric juice day the very next day with apple cider shots and turmeric tea. 

Have a great weekend!

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